Links to alternative theories, quantum mechanics, relativity etc.
T E Jeeves
Parcellular mechanics---Gives a critical review of Gravity and the meaning of Quantum Theory and qualitatively establishes and interprets a relation between a range of problems in both the areas.
Mysterious occurences on the interface of physics and number theory Here comes hypertime Want to sidestep your future or rearrange your past? An extra time dimension could be all you need, and it might even be the key to the theory of everything Why doesn't time flow backwards? It's all to do with the ever-shrinking quantity of information in the Universe Physics nobelists removed nonsensical results from quantum mechanics New Scientist Planet Science presents a guide to science sites on the net, including our personal recommendations. Quantum confidential Number Theory Web(American Site) fractals,chaos,prime numbers accesses multiple search engines and gives results--more european sites are available context sensitive search engine searchengines are available here search engines are accessed and the results are given Theory Web(U.K. site) ---Just as rising air currents form tornadoes, underwater plumes of hot water produce ocean "anticyclones" observable in satellite images ---Find lessons on the universe and space travel puzzles, biographies of scientists and more as award winning NASA site for teaching elementary and middle school children astronomy.

" ---Numbers game - on line encyclopedia of Integer sequences, useful for crystallographers, phyisicits, mathematician and any numbers fan --- ---Scientific calculators ---Resource locator service ---Handle system ---Planck's constant and the fine structure constant ---Daily science news and views email address mailto:Science@yourfingertips

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Max Tegmark's library: 'THEORY OF EVERYTHING'

Some web sites for New Theories,Chaos,Quantum Mechanics and Gravity

Alternative Theories

Theories of ether

Quantum fluctuations of empty space

Alan Pendleton - was Einstein right?

open research problems in physics

Henry Linder - ether flow theory

Super luminal motion

excellent links to anti-relativity sites; also mainstream relativity tutorials

against the quantisation of light

The speed of light-a limit on principle?

The World Wide Web Virtual Library:Sumeria-Alternative ideas in health, science and spirituality

Magellan internet guide

Internet guide

New Scientist

Quantum Mechanics is not Science

Cycles in the Universe